Chokhi Dhani Chennai is a mimic of a traditional Rajasthani village providing visitors an experience of the communal lifestyle. The entire tour of the place plus dinner takes about four to five hours. Precisely, the evening attractions start at 6:00 PM and continue up to 11:00 PM. Evenings are thus best at Chokhi Dhani where you can live performances of dance and music and other entertaining activities.


There are several bamboo and thatch podiums built at different locations where men and women perform traditional dances with both live and played music. The decorations are in complete Rajasthani style with colorful matkas stacked one on top of the other, wall art, diyas, etc. The dancers wear customary clothes and ornaments and pomp a beautiful sight. You will be actively urged to participate. Be prepared!

Music & Singing

No recreational evening is of course complete without a bashing musical performance. Local Rajasthani village singers perform live songs with a variety of indigenous instruments. Sometimes they will also let somebody from the audience perform in the genre of their choice.

The Food

The night ends with a lovely dinner encompassing every dish in Rajasthani cuisine that you can think of. The timing of dinner is mentioned on the ticket and one must reach the dining hall on schedule.


One of the most attractive flurries of Chokhi Dhani is the animal and cart rides. This is an extremely alluring section for kids and adults alike. You can take fun rides on camels, horse and bullock carts. Every animal is mediated by a caretaker who takes you through a pre-determined route.

Fun Region

The fun region at Chokhi Dhani has various enjoyable activities such as acrobatics on a bamboo (Nat ro Kartab), the puppet show (Kathputli ro Naach), the magic show (Jaadu ro Khel), traditional fire act, bird fortune teller, astrologer, movie bioscope, the maze (Bhool Bhulaiya), etc.

Words of Encouragement